Of the machine

  • Surface occupied.
    The small size of the machine and therefore the surface occupied on your business are an important value to take into account in your investment.
  • Great accessibility to all the components.
    The machine is surrounded with doors and panels, making possible an easy access to all components.
  • Low consumption and maintenance.
    The new hair dryer design and dossing pumps models, reduce the maintenance requirements to a simple visual review.
  • Programming.
    If you wish, you will have the necessary tool to change the value of the washing process an other parameters.


  • You can place your pet at the right height for you.
  • Adequate water temperature for pets, with 7 different water flow positions (including massage).
  • Optional antiparasitic liquid.
  • Powerful dryer.
  • Automatic disinfection after each use, so the next user will find the unit ready to use, completely sanitized.
  • 24 hour service, 7 days a week. Customers will be able to wash their pet anytime, any day.
  • The customer doesn’t need to bring anything from home. Everything needed is provided by the machine, and all the products used are registered by the Spanish Government Health Department.


Plaza del Castillo 2, 1 31001 Pamplona Navarra (Spain)
T 0034 948 29 03 02 / 0034 607 32 60 45   F 0034 948 35 79 68