1. The washing tray is set at a low level so it is easy for the pet to get off it without the owners help.

2. Once on the tray the owner can tie the pet if he/she wishes to do so.

3. The owner places the money in the slot.

4. The owner can then take the washing hose and by pressing the ‘shampoo’ button begin to wash the pet. Water will flow at 28 degrees Celsius, as recommended by vets. The shower can be set in 7 different flow positions (including massages) by rotating the shower head. This allows the owner to adjust the pressure of the water to the pet’s size and needs.
After shampooing the pet the owner rinses the pet, and can choose to give it an antiparasitic treatment. The bath and sanitation of the pet is finished.

5. Finally the owner takes the drier and presses the corresponding button to obtain a powerful air flow.

6. Once it is dry, the pet can easily get off. He can walk away with us clean, dry and with a pleasant clean fragrance.

This process and the length of each of the steps is freely determined by the user, and more time can be obtained by introducing extra money or another token into the slot.




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