• Pet Clin is the global pioneer company in the launch and production of “Dog Wash Cabins” from the year 2.000.
  • After years of research and development, our company has commercialised a productof proven success that covers all the expectations of their owners.
  • If you own a station service, car washing center, shopping center, pet shops etc. PET CLIN offers the possibility to provide a new additional service in your establishment. You will find with Pet Clin a great opportunity to diversify your businesses and increase the number of customers as well as their satisfaction.
  • The unit can be amortized in a short period of time, as the low cost per bath gives the investor large benefit margins.
  • The number of machines installed around the world give a clear idea of the security and safety that the brand "PETCLIN" provides.


Pet Washing Booths PetClin

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